1 in 4 children has BEHAVIORAL insomnia

Often, these problems are treated with medication because it is not properly understood.


Teaching our child HOW to go to sleep in the appropriate response in these cases.

Sleep is vital for COGNITIVE AND PHYSICAL well-being...

Vital processes occur during sleep e.g. growth hormones are released and neural pathways are formed consolidating memories.

...and our SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL well-being


Nobody feels HAPPY and REFRESHED when getting little or no sleep. 

THRIVE, don't just SURVIVE

Sleep does not always come naturally.. but it can be taught GENTLY

Parents are naturally anxious about cying but sleep help does not need to be like that.

It is NOT Cry It Out.


Parents are so prepared for the sleepless nights that inevitably will come along with our newborns, that sometimes we don't stop to notice that the 'newborn' wake ups are still going on 12 or 18 months down the line. We just accept it as 'normal' when maybe they just need help.

There can be many reasons why a baby doesn't sleep well, so knowing where to start is a half the problem.

Parents only ever want what is best for their baby, so when mums can't get their little ones to sleep they can feel like they are doing something wrong, or are failing their little one. That's not true... what works for one baby can easily not work for another because they are all different.


Sleep can be personality driven, so sometimes mums get a shock when baby number two, or even three or four, does not sleep as well as big brother or sister, even though they are following the same tried and tested routines as before. 


For some, co-sleeping is the answer and it can work well, but if you have several children to respond to at night, or if the co-sleeping still doesn't help your little one into a deep sleep, then it may not be a solution for you. It may just make everyone more tired and then its harder for everyone to cope. 

We teach our children all their life skills, we don't expect them to work everything out by themselves, so its OK to teach them how to sleep.   It is just offering help when it is needed, and that is what being a parent is all about.