The Sleep Challenges

Sleep challenges can appear in many and varied forms ... but the one thing they have in common is leaving our little ones, and us, so very tired.

Night wakings are something that we often take for granted with newborn babies, but its easy for it to become a habit and sometimes we realise that we have an older baby who is still waking multiple times through the night just like a newborn. Some babies still do have a real need to feed through the night even as they are getting older but sometimes the waking up is just a habit and we respond habitually which fuels further wake ups. Underlying the night wakes there is often a real behavioural sleep challenge that is leading to restless / disturbed sleep so we can help establish what these sleep issues are and how to fix them, even if your little one is still feeding in the night.


If your baby is at a stage in their development where you can be sure that they are really only feeding for comfort, then Night Weaning offers an opportunity to address the real sleep issues and get better quality sleep in longer stretches for your baby, and ideally get them sleeping through.

Naps can sometimes work like clockwork, but sometimes they derail and it can be hard to get them back on track again. Alternatively, if they do happen, they can be too short and leave our little ones just as tired as before. Naps can be reset to be achieved in a more routine manner, and  the nap skills acquired can help steer little ones through their difficult nap transitions and developmental changes.

Sometimes our little ones appear to be having great naps and going to bed beautifully and yet they are consistently waking early in the morning. 4 / 4.30 / 5 am wake ups are tough and once Early Rising has started it usually only creeps earlier and earlier.

Bedtime battles can happen for a number of reasons.... timing, over-tiredness, under-tiredness,  habit, a place for children to test boundaries.. ( I wonder what Mummy will do if I do THIS !) . It can be hard to identify the trigger or maybe its a combination of different factors.

Maybe the problem is more obvious, a crutch/dependence that a child needs to fall asleep... breastfeeding, rocking, holding to sleep, a dummy. The problem may be obvious but the solution is often elusive.

Co-sleeping may work wonderfully for many, but for some it means that no-one gets a good nights sleep.

Whatever they may be Sleep challenges tend to be a vicious cycle and unfortunately it doesn't take long for these problems to manifest themselves in over-tiredness. Over-tiredness lead to more disturbed sleep which can then exacerbate the original problem so leading to more over-tiredness. Its a tough cycle to break even when we recognise that over-tiredness is the problem. 

Babies and infants need refreshing, restorative good quality sleep to feel at their best.

So do we as parents and carers...

If any of the above sound familiar, or if you have your own unique sleep challenges then help is at hand. ​


Please arrange your free, no obligation, 15 minute call. We can explore your challenges and plan your journey back to a good nights sleep.

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