How Does the process work?

We support you while you support your baby. 

When we embark on a program together we will be creating a sleep plan that is entirely built around you and your child. 

To do this we start by information gathering to fully understand the sleep situation. Analysing this leads to a working plan that we then discuss together on the face-to-face consultation.  


Your input is essential to the plan as you can be confident that you have a plan that is manageable for you as a family

The following options then allow you to choose the level of support that you would like through the process whilst you are making your sleep changes.


This support is a big contributing factor to success.

The standard support package works well for many. The support calls tend to be more frequent, usually daily, in the beginning, and then drop down to every few days once the process is moving on the right direction and the changes start to settle in. 

The enhanced support package is effectively 'anytime' communication (within reason!) and can be useful for parents looking for a little more steering through the process. This can be particularly useful for younger babies who may still be on multiple naps per day as questions about timing and schedules may arise when naps may not have gone according to plan.


It can also be useful if you would find it hard to fit in with scheduled support calls.. Sometimes there is enough else to schedule.... that's understood!

The basic package essentially finishes after the consultation so a vital part of the process is missing with no support available during the period of change. However, it may suit some parents who have perhaps been through the process before and are confident to manage by themselves., maybe second time around for a younger sibling for instance.

If you start with a basic or standard package and wish to upgrade through the process, that's fine too.