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1 in 4 children has BEHAVIOURAL insomnia

Often, these problems are treated with medication because it is not properly understood. Teaching  our child HOW to go to sleep is the appropriate response in these cases.

Sleep is vital for COGNITIVE AND PHYSICAL well-being...

Vital processes occur during sleep, for example growth hormones are released and neural pathways are formed consolidating memories.

...and our SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL well-being


Nobody feels HAPPY and REFRESHED when getting little or no sleep. 

THRIVE, don't just SURVIVE

Sleep does not always come naturally.. but it can be taught GENTLY

Parents are naturally anxious about cying but sleep help does not need to be like that.

It is NOT Cry It Out.


Parents are so prepared for the sleepless nights that inevitably will come along with our newborns, that sometimes we don't stop to notice that the 'newborn' wake ups are still going on 12 or 18 months down the line. We just accept it as 'normal' when maybe they just need help.

There can be many reasons why a baby doesn't sleep well, so knowing where to start is a half the problem.

Parents only ever want what is best for their baby, so when mums can't get their little ones to sleep they can feel like they are doing something wrong, or are failing their little one. That's not true... what works for one baby can easily not work for another because they are all different.


Sleep can be personality driven, so sometimes mums get a shock when baby number two, or even three or four, does not sleep as well as big brother or sister even though they are following the same tried and tested routines as before. 


For some, co-sleeping in the answer and it works really well... but if you have several children to respond to at night, or if the co-sleeping still doesn't get your little one deep sleep then it may not be a solution for you. It may just make everyone more tired, and then its harder for everyone to cope. 

We teach our children all their life skills, we don't expect them to work everything out by themselves, so its OK to teach them how to sleep.   It is just offering help when it is needed, and that's what being a parent is all about.



We support You whilst You support your Baby

When we embark on a sleep program together we will be creating a sleep plan that is entirely built around you and your child. 

To do this we start with lots of information gathering to fully understand the sleep situation. This leads to a plan that we work through together on the face-to-face consultation.  Your input, as a parent, is essential to the plan.  You need to be confident that you have an approach that is manageable for you as a family.

The following options allow you to choose the level of support that you would like whilst you are making your sleep changes.

This support is a big contributing factor to success, as it allows us to be fluid in our responses to our sleeper.

Sleep Consultation Only


(Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep)


  • Face to Face online Consultation (60-90 mins)


  • A customised sleep plan for your child

  • A sleep management e-pack

  • A copy of The Sleep Nanny System e-book

Standard Support


(Ready, Steady, Sleep)


  • Face to Face online Consultation (60-90 mins)​


  • A customised sleep plan for your child


  • 8 -10  Support calls over 2-4 weeks

  • Consultation recording for review


  • A sleep management e-pack

  • A copy of The Sleep Nanny System e-book

Anytime Support




  • Face to Face online Consultation (60-90 mins)


  • A customised sleep plan for your child


  • UNLIMITED Support over 2-4 weeks

  • Consultation recording for review


  • A sleep management e-pack

  • A copy of The Sleep Nanny System e-book

What Level of Support is right for me?

The Standard support package works well for many. The support calls tend to be more frequent in the beginning, and then drop down to every few days once the process is moving in the right direction.

The Anytime support package is effectively unlimited communication (within reason!) and can be useful for parents looking for a little more steering through the process. This can be particularly useful for younger babies who may still be on multiple naps per day as questions about timing and schedules may arise when naps may not have gone according to plan. It can also be the right choice for parents who are anxious maybe because they are first time parents, or who are just nervous about making change.

The basic package essentially finishes after the consultation so a vital part of the process is missing with no support available during the period of sleep change. However, it may suit some parents who have perhaps been through the process before and are confident to manage by themselves., maybe second time around for a younger sibling for instance.

If you start with a basic or standard package and wish to upgrade through the process, that's fine too. 


Sleep challenges can come in many and varied forms but the thing they have in common is that they can leave our little ones, and us, feeling so very tired.

Night Wakings

"We expected them at first, but we are still having them 18 months on ...."

Night wakings are something that we often take for granted with newborn babies, but its easy for it to become a habit and sometimes we realise that we have an older baby who is still waking multiple times through the night, just like a newborn. Some babies still do have a real need to feed through the night even as they are getting older but sometimes the waking up is just a habit, and we respond habitually which fuels further wake ups. Underlying the night wakes there is often a real behavioural sleep issue that is leading to restless / disturbed sleep so we can help establish what these sleep issues are, and how to fix them, even if your little one is still feeding in the night.


Not happening?

Too Short?

​​Naps can sometimes work like clockwork, but sometimes they derail and it can be hard to get them back on track again.  Maybe naps do happen, but they are too short and leave our little ones just as tired as before.

Naps, and napping habits and skills, can definitely be improved and we aim to have little ones napping naturally in a more routine manner. These nap skills can massively help steer little ones through their difficult nap transitions and developmental changes.

Bedtime Battles

"She used to go to sleep easily...now bedtimes can take 1-2 hours"

Bedtime battles can happen for a number of reasons.... timing, over-tiredness, under-tiredness,  habit, a place for children to test boundaries.. ( I wonder what Mummy will do if I do THIS !) . It can be hard to identify the trigger or maybe its a combination of different factors.

Early Rising

"He used to sleep 7-7 but now he wakes between 4am and 5am every day"


Sometimes our little ones appear to be having great naps and going to bed beautifully and yet they are consistently waking early in the morning.


4 / 4.30 / 5 am wake ups are tough and once Early Rising has started it usually only creeps earlier and earlier, but it can be steered back to more civilised wake up times. 

Night Weaning, Co-sleeping and other Sleep Associations

Hunger Feeds


Comfort Feeds



Maybe the problem is more obvious, a crutch/dependence that a child needs to fall asleep... breastfeeding, rocking, holding to sleep, a dummy. The problem may be obvious but the solution is often elusive.

Gently teaching them to sleep without the dependency, offers an opportunity to address the real problem - falling asleep, and it will lead to better quality sleep in longer stretches for your baby. 

Co-sleeping may work wonderfully for many, but for some it means that no-one gets a good nights sleep and this is a sleep association that we can also change without resorting to cry it out. 

Whatever they may be Sleep challenges tend to be a vicious cycle and unfortunately it doesn't take long for these problems to manifest themselves in over-tiredness. Over-tiredness lead to more disturbed sleep which can then exacerbate the original problem so leading to more over-tiredness. Its a tough cycle to break even when we recognise that over-tiredness is the problem. 

Babies and infants need refreshing, restorative good quality sleep to feel at their best.

So do we as parents and carers...

If any of the above sound familiar, or if you have your own unique sleep challenges then help is at hand. ​


Please arrange your free, no obligation, 15 minute call. We can explore your challenges and plan your journey back to a good nights sleep.


Claire with Artemis, 8 months

"We were having a tough time with our 8 month old was was waking several times a night and needing feeding back to sleep. We also had long, difficult bedtimes and naptimes where she needed holding to sleep.


Now we can leave her in her cot at bedtimes and naptimes.


It meant such a lot to us to have support through a really difficult time in Artemis’ sleep. Jacqui was always there for us and it has really helped us get a more restful nights sleep."

Danielle with 8 month Joseph

 "....Over the course of days and weeks Jacqui taught us what to look out for, what techniques to use and low and behold he started sleeping longer - within days I might add!

More than anything Jacqui gave us the tools to tackle our sons sleep so that everyone gets more sleep!


Thanks for your support and guidance Jacqui! Highly recommended!"


Catherine with Rory, 6 months

“ I contacted Jacqui when our baby’s 4 month sleep regression led us to co-sleeping, constant holding, rocking, shushing, feeding to sleep during all his naps and throughout the night.


Jacqui has tailored her support to me and my baby boy, I have a very low tolerance for crying & don’t handle change well but we took a very gentle approach!


It has been hard which is why I needed Jacqui, to cheer me on when I felt like giving up, to give me confidence when I had none, and to keep pushing forwards to my goals.


I cannot believe how far we have come, my baby boy sleeps in his cot for naps, and all through the night. My mental health has hugely improved.


I cannot thank you enough Jacqui”


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About Me

Hi, I'm Jacqueline Kirk and I am delighted to introduce myself as a certified Sleep Consultant having trained with The Sleep Nanny, Lucy Shrimpton.

Before having children I had a career in IT but it was my own challenges with my children's sleep, and my own history of insomnia, that led to this new career path. I find it an endlessly fascinating subject, and it is incredibly satisfying to be able to help and improve parent's days if they have been struggling under the relentless pressure of little ones who won't sleep 

Having young children should be the happiest time for a family but it is not at all unusual for parents to find it stressful and overwhelming because of tiredness.

I’ve been there…..regularly stuck in one spot in the middle of a room not daring to move in case the creaky floorboards woke up the baby that was just drifting back to sleep…. trapped on the cold, dark landing night after night singing songs to a wakeful toddler through the bedroom door ( 'Horsey Horsey' ....on loop... nothing else would do.)

Being up several times a night is incredibly draining, and in my case, it just gave me time to despair at how little sleep I was actually going to get before the alarm went off and it would be time to get up and try and face the day ahead, whether it was full of work or children.

Hoping that they would ‘grow out of it’ we never managed to resolve our problems in the early years, so we graduated to school nights where my daughter just could not get to sleep for hours after bedtime, even though she was desperately tired. She really just wanted to sleep, instead she got frustrated because she couldn’t.

To try and resolve our challenges I read endless book, blogs and web sites. We tried lots of different approaches and solutions all of which made complete sense on paper, but yet they didn’t seem to work for us. Now I understand that this is because the information was probably mostly correct, but too generic. These books were not about my children and their problems.

Having been through this, I know as a sleep consultant how important it is to understand the personalities involved, both child and parent.

  • Babies and children act the way they do because of their personalities and temperaments.

  • Parents respond the way they do because of theirs, so we need a different approach for every parent.

Understanding this is critical to making the right plans with parents, plans that they can be enthusiastic about and can successfully carry out, knowing that their baby will still have their comfort throughout.

Incredible results can be achieved in a kind, gentle, painless way with the right approach.

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