Claire with Artemis, 8 months

"We were having a tough time with our 8 month old was was waking several times a night and needing feeding back to sleep. We also had long, difficult bedtimes and naptimes where she needed holding to sleep.


Now we can leave her in her cot at bedtimes and naptimes.


It meant such a lot to us to have support through a really difficult time in Artemis’ sleep. Jacqui was always there for us and it has really helped us get a more restful nights sleep."

Danielle with 8 month Joseph

 "....Over the course of days and weeks Jacqui taught us what to look out for, what techniques to use and low and behold he started sleeping longer - within days I might add!

More than anything Jacqui gave us the tools to tackle our sons sleep so that everyone gets more sleep!


Thanks for your support and guidance Jacqui! Highly recommended!"


Catherine with Rory, 6 months

“ I contacted Jacqui when our baby’s 4 month sleep regression led us to co-sleeping, constant holding, rocking, shushing, feeding to sleep during all his naps and throughout the night.


Jacqui has tailored her support to me and my baby boy, I have a very low tolerance for crying & don’t handle change well but we took a very gentle approach!


It has been hard which is why I needed Jacqui, to cheer me on when I felt like giving up, to give me confidence when I had none, and to keep pushing forwards to my goals.


I cannot believe how far we have come, my baby boy sleeps in his cot for naps, and all through the night. My mental health has hugely improved.


I cannot thank you enough Jacqui”